Keyword Research Tips and Tools

Keyword Research Tips and Tools

When you use the right keywords, it can help others reach your website and hopefully then purchasing your products or services. That is why researching keywords is very important.  It can also help you learn which words to focus on regarding the type of person your customer is and therefore, you provided the keywords to the right people. Each person has a different behavior in the words they choose to use while searching for information about products or services. The keywords the consumer uses reflects the type of behavior they have.

When a consumer types long or more detailed phrases, that tells us that they are closer to purchasing the products or services. Although, when the consumer uses short or less detailed phrases, this means that they just started their purchasing experience. These insights are useful for understanding where the customer is in their choice of whether or not they will purchase the product or service.

There are tools that offer suitable data for Keyword Research. One great example of this is Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool (Click Here). To gain a successful result, a person must understand how Google Adwords works and what each feature is used for. In Google Adwords, users are capable of creating keyword ideas, can figure out the consumers behaviors and are informed on how much it will cost for a Google Adwords campaign. It also provides an accurate estimate of traffic from Google’s Keyword Search. In addition, we can see what keyword is used the most.

An example of using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool for Tesla, an automobile company:

You would want to start out by using very common words that would reflect Tesla. We shouldn’t use any phrases of ordinary gas running cars, but electric cars. A good keywords in Google AdWords for this would be “electric cars”. You can test multiple phrases to see what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, you can delete and keep the phrases that gave the best resaults. Similar to electric cars, “hybrid cars” is also a great phrase to use. When typing in “hybrid cars” results like “best hybrid cars” or “honda hybrid cars” were given. This would show that Tesla has some competitors in this industry and it is important to put their ad out there when people are searching for other companies.

This needs to constantly be looked at because change occurs every day. If a company doesn’t keep track of what works and what doesn’t, they may fall behind other companies. This helps you stay up to date on what’s being used to search for certain products or services.


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