How Can Onsite SEO Help My Website?

How Can Onsite SEO Help My Website?

When using the word “onsite”, we are talking about  any type of code or data that are on your website. The values applied would make the website look and become presented better. Although, a poor onsite will never get ranked. There are so many different algorithms in Google that all have an effect on the websites ranking. A good example of a Google algorithm would be the keywords and pages that are used on the website.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to make things simpler and more efficient for the search engines and the people searching the web. This will help people understand what the page contains and what the information provided is about. Also with onsite SEO, the page is relevant to what is actually searched. This might be a keyword that you used in your website. This will be very useful while searching the web and this is why if you have a high ranking on your website, their search would lead them to your page.

There are positive and negative factors in onsite SEO.

Positive Factors:

  • Google would understands what keyword relate to your website
  • Create natural footprints
  • It would higher your ranking

Negative Factors:

  • May raise bad flags to Google
  • Ranking may decrease
  • If you use too much of the same keyword, it might think it’s spam

Some Tips:

  • Don’t use the same keyword more than twice
  • Start off with your primary keywords
  • The description tag should only be two sentences (the sentences should include all of the keywords)
  • Commas should separate the keyword tags
  • No more than seven keywords should be used with the same short-tail root
  • Link anchor texts
  • Do not use the same keywords in multiple pages
  • Create internal links that start with “http”

Creating content is another great type of onsite SEO. For example, this can be creating a page on the website with a specific target. You should create content to best place the page for searches. This would be based on the target keyword. Another way is by creating a blog on your website. When building a blog, you should remember that the theme or topic should relate to the keywords. All in all, this content will help your website.

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