Colleges with Digital Marketing Major


There are many Colleges with Digital Marketing Major throughout the United States. Even if they don't offer a major, they would at least have a digital marking minor or concentration. Many colleges now focus the marketing education to digital marking because of how technology has been thriving. Also, many peoples lives have transitioned in using more  electronics, rather than other resources throughout their day. Therefore, it is important to now evolve into the digital side of marketing. Thankfully, certain colleges understand this and offer digital marking majors.

Colleges with Digital Marking Major or Minor


College Major


Arizona Arizona State University Marketing Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications
Connecticut Sacred Heart University Digital Marketing
Georgia University of Georgia Marketing Digital Marketing
Florida Florida Atlantic University Digital Marketing
Maine Thomas College Digital Marketing Management
Michigan University of Michigan- Dearborn Digital Marketing
New Hampshire Granite State College Digital and Social Media
New Jersey Rutgers University Digital Marketing
New York Baruch College Marketing Management Digital Marketing


Tennessee Eastern Tennessee State University Digital Marketing
Utah Utah Valley University Digital Marketing

It is an advantage for colleges to have a digital marketing major. Because of the level of technology that has been advancing, marketing has been transitioning into digital marketing. The knowledge it is crucial for the futures advertising world. Having this education would not only benefit the students, but the society as well. This is because everything has been becoming a digital based using objects like smart phones rather than a billboard to promote a product or service. In addition, having this degree not only helps the students, but the colleges as well. As I said earlier, digital marketing has been growing drastically. Many students are you eager to learn about it to apply it in there further careers. Therefore, students will gain a digital marketing major and the college would receive a higher ranking and become more profitable.



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